Privacy Policy

Power Door Products has one primary goal: to help the engineering and technical community quickly find products and services meeting their specifications. We’re proud to offer this free service which is the largest of its kind. We understand the reluctance Web users have about providing user information, so we have instituted the following PRIVACY POLICY to address this issue:

Power Door Products PRIVACY POLICY

Except as set forth herein, your contact information (Power Door Products, 914-698-5083, 2031 Route 22, Brewster, NY 10509 will not be used by anyone other than Power Door Products and the suppliers you have viewed (including, but not limited to, phone/fax, Web site, supplier profile or e-mail) or product information (including, but not limited to, specifications, product announcements or RFQs).
Strategic partners provide some of the services offered on Power Door Products. Some of these services require additional registration. When this occurs, Power Door Products will transfer your registration information to the relevant service provider. You will have the ability to accept or decline the transfer of that information.
Profile information (search activity, end-user company information, etc.) may be used to generate aggregate reports and market research.
All personal data has been entered solely by respective end-users.
Power Door Products mail communications are only accessible by designated recipients, except that Power Door Products, Inc. personnel involved in management and maintenance may have access to e-mail communications.
You can modify your user information by visiting Power Door
You may have your personal information removed from the system by contacting Power Door Products
Power Door Products, Inc. will not sell lists of its users and/or contact information to any third party without having first elicited individual permission from included end-users to do so.
Power Door Products may transfer your contact information to a purchaser of the entire business, and/or it may be shared with any companies that merge with Power Door Products or that Power Door Products and/or affiliates.