Power Door Products

Power Door Products has been supplying door and gate operating equipment for nearly 50 years. Over the years, our product line has expanded to include many new and innovative products that integrate with older and newer operator systems. Power Door has relied on the expertise of our technical support engineers and sales teams to troubleshoot all aspects of the products we sell either by phone, email, web support or field consulting.



Power Door Products offers gate operators to handle all your different gates. Operators for slide gates, swing gates, barrier gates, vertical lift gates, vertical pivot gates and bi-fold gates are available to accommodate your specific needs. Each of these offer benefits based on room available, time to open and security level.



Access control can be controlled using many media. Card readers, keypads, radio controls, long range readers, barcode labels, telephone entry, keys switches, and push buttons. Almost all these devices are available in a simple (common code) model or a unique user code programmable model. They are also available in a stand alone (programming done at the unit) or as networked system programmed by a computer for greater programming capabilities.


In today’s increasingly dangerous world “crash gates” have become more common. Crash gates come in various models and are designed to different crash ratings. Ratings generally consist of stopping a certain weight vehicle at a certain speed over a certain distance. Some units have been crash tested and certified while others have been engineered to certain ratings while not having a crashed tested certification. For additional information on crash gates and assistance in system design please call Power Door.


Get UL Safety Guidelines here


PowerMaster has a complete line of trolley type and side mount operators to fit your every need. Belt drive and heavy duty gearhead models are available, as well as all the standard NEMA modifications such as waterproof and explosion proof. Power Door can equip your operator with a full line or access controls and safety devices to create a complete door operator system.


Power Door Products has a wide variety of accessories to complete your project. From surge suppressors to protect your equipment to gate hardware to make your system run smoothly, to loop wire and sealant to battery back up systems to keep your equipment running to solar panels and more.  Power Door has the right equipment to supply you with a complete high quality package.


Revenue equipment allows you to collect fees for parking.  Systems can be operated by a guard or be completely automated.  A variety of equipment allows you to accommodate different pay structures for different users. Pay stations can accept a combination of cash, coin and credit card. Vouchers and validation machines provide allowances for special situations, restaurant/shop credits etc. Systems should be planned carefully to keep traffic flowing smoothly.